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Part 1 Protecting You & Your Profits Before Your Lash Appointments

Show Notes

Online Scheduler - essential to help you protect yourself and your profits. I use Acuity Scheduling because it's the best employee I have! 

Website - I really encourage you to have a professional website. It should be super easy for you to set-up, maintain, and make you money. 

✅ Privacy Policy - needs to be on your site. The lashing legally™ Starter Package includes this. 
✅ Cookie Consent - needs to be on your site. Also included in the Starter Package

Payment - never, ever touch anyone's credit or debit card in terms of storing or writing down the numbers. All payments need to be done via PayPal or your credit card payment systems. 

Reservations v. Deposit - this is an easy way to close another attorney arguing with you. Reservation has to do with the privilege of setting aside time for your appointment while deposit has to do with securing against the product or service. 



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