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7 Specific Actions You CAN Take to Help Grow & Strengthen Your Lash Business During the Cornoavirus.

What You Can Do During the Coronavirus

The world is rapidly changing and the worldwide shutdown of so many service-based businesses is an ever-evolving landscape right now. 

As an attorney, I'm trained in the worst-case mentality, it's what enables me to serve you very well in times like this and I'd like to share with you 7 specific tasks that you can do right now during this uncertain time to take advantage of the gift of time that we have all been given. 

Yes, I said gift. 

We have been given an incredible gift despite the uncertainty of the world right now. 

#1 - Evaluate Your Business Processes

It's difficult to really sit with your business processes when you are running your business because the consistency of customers keeps you busy. 

Right now is an ideal time to:

✅ Evaluate what is working

✅ Reflect on what is not working

How to evaluate your processes: 

  • Get a sheet of paper and a pen.
  • Draw out from the first time a customer encounters you all the way through to your most loyal customer.
  • What is working really well?
  • What isn't working so well?
  • How can you improve?
  • How can you simplify? 

I have three resources that I highly recommend for helping you through this process. All 3 are books and you can listen to them on audible. 

Essentialism by Greg McKeown - highlights how to simplify to amplify your message, results, and impact. 

The ONE Thing by Gary Keller - highlights how focusing on the ONE thing that is important makes everything that comes after it either disappear or decrease. 

Never Lose a Customer Again by Joey Coleman - highlights how to intentionally design the entire customer experience. 

I read them in this order and implement in this order because getting down to what matters makes finding the ONE thing easier and then designing the customer experience around all that is left makes sure I am focusing on what really matters. 

#2: Clean Out Your Physical & Digital Space

Use this gift of time to clean out your space.

More than likely you cannot go to the business space given the current lockdowns in place for our safety but you can definitely take care of your home and your digital spaces. 

I know that I work best at work when my living space is clean and organized because I feel better. 

This is also a great time to use family team members (spouses and kids are great for this!) to help you clean and organize. 

#3: Touch Base with Your Clients

How can you help them now that they cannot come in and see you to have their lashes done? 

✔ Can you make them a video on how to care for their lashes using

✔ Can you set up a fun time to get together on and chat? 

✔ Can you provide them an alternative to their current lashes with something like the magic lashes that Lash Attraction has? Jill Heijilgers-Peloquin has incredible products that might be just the alternative that your clients need from you right now. Use the code HALFSIES to take 50% off. 

You are such an important part of their world and just like you, they've had so many aspects of their lives changed in an instant. 

You also have such a brilliant opportunity to show them how you are still their go-to resource in so many ways. 

#4: Legally Zip-up Your Business

Use the gift of time and minimal distractions to work through all those pesky policies that you've been saving for when you have time. 

Now is such a fantastic time to take care of your: 

✔ Client contracts

✔ Refund policies

✔ Payment policies

✔ Purchase terms

✔ Photo release policies

✔ Consent policies

The Lashing Legally Starter Package has exactly what you need to legally zip up your business and you can get started with the Free Masterclass available here

#5: Invest in Your Learning

Using this gift of time to expand or sharpen your current skills is a great use of time. 

I don't know about you but I had some podcasts I wanted to catch up on and so I've used my learning time via podcasts as I clean and organize our home (#2 Clean Out) to make myself feel better which does nothing except make me able to do more of my tasks in my business. 

✔ Catch up on podcasts. 

✔ Finish an online course you have. 

✔ Go back through a course you have and freshen up your skills. 

✔ Checkout resources like The Lashpreneur and NALA 

#6: Connect with Other Lash Artists

Use this gift of time to spend time with those people that understand exactly what you are going through. With you can set up video chats and connect together. We need our communities more than ever right now! 

🌸 You can all work through each of these steps together! That would be fun!

🌸 Cheering each other on while you are all working ON your businesses instead of just IN them is a HUGE win for all of us!

#7: Rest and Recharge You

Use this gift of time to catch up on the rest that you need. You have a busy life and business and the emotions of what we are all going through right now are not to be minimized - we need time to binge on Netflix and take naps. 











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