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Practical Ideas for Thirving During Crisis with Jill Heijligers-Peloquin

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Practical Ideas for Thriving Now in Your Lash Business

Offer services to remove current lashes

❓ How can you help your clients deal with the fact that they can't come in to have a new set put on? So that they don't pick and damage their lashes as the current lashes are growing out. 

Make a personal phone call or contact with your clients. 

🌸 Send a voice memo to each client, not a bulk send. 

🌸 Make a phone call to each client, check-in with them. 

🌸 Offer to book them now - so they have a space on your calendar when we can open for business again. If you open sooner, great and if you have to delay no problem - they have their spots reserved. 

Purchase & BUY Gift Certificates

Now is a time that you can create BUY NOW offerings for clients. But please keep in mind your business cash flow and also make sure that you have proper Terms & Conditions for any gift card or gift certificate options you create. 

Card may only be used for purchases at [insert company name or locations] by presenting card/code/certificate to cashier at time of purchase, mentioning card/code/certificate at time of appointment by phone or online at [insert booking site]. Any available balance on the card will be applied toward your purchase. Protect this card/code/certificate as you would cash. This card/code/certificate has no value until activated by [insert company name]. No refunds; not redeemable for cash unless required by law; and card/code/certificate cannot be replaced if lost, damaged, or stolen. Gift card may not be used for purchase of other gift cards/codes/certificates. This card/code/certificate does not expire. No fees will be charged after purchase of this card/code/certificate. 

In an effort to release this episode as soon as possible - the show notes are still in process. We will post as soon as they are ready. Thank you for your immense understanding. 






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