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What's the worst that can happen if I don't take care of legal?

What's honestly the worst that's going to happen if you don't ever take care of the legal stuff in your lash business?

Great question!

Let's step outside your business for just a moment and think about a couple of other situations ...

  • what could you do if you someone crashed into your car?
  • what can your credit card company do if you don't pay your bill?
  • what can you do if someone decides to punch you in the face?
  • what can you do if your doctor gives you the medicine you're allergic to?

You have solutions.

But those solutions aren't going to be figured out on the spot.
The reason you have ways to fix those situations is that (hopefully) those businesses and people have legal in place.

How does taking care of legal help me?

Here are just a few ways taking care of legal puts money in your account:

  • You have agreed to payment terms so if you did need to submit to small claims court, you professionally hand the judge the contract;
  • You have permission to share the photos of your clients' lashes that you published on Instagram that they are now suing you over;
  • You have a release of liability when a client claims you never told her that she could have an allergic reaction to the glue;

Does legal stop the accidents?
It can't.
What it does it stop the solutions from spiraling out of control.

And it's so easy to get legal taken care of.
Is it exciting?
Probably not for you.

Is it essential?
Yes. for all of us.

And it is so simple to take care of.

In a few hours, probably the time to do a full set, you can have all the basics of your business legally zipped up. Think of it like that - one set, one appointment slot, and your business is legally zipped up. Protecting all the appointments and dollars coming after it. 


Is now your time?

You have so much going on in your life as a lash professional and wouldn't it be nice to have someone help you out when it comes to taking care of the legal stuff that is part of running a business?

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