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Do I have to send clients their lash pictures?

Do I have to send clients their lash pictures when they ask?

From a fellow lash artist -

A client asked me to send her the rest of the photos I took of her lashes. I posted one but have yet to delete the rest.

Do you send all of the photos you take to your clients if/when they ask. I was just going to delete the others, I don't like them.

This is a bizlebox issue - every business decision has a legal impact and you want them to be positive. Business + legal = bizlebox

You need to have written permission to share lash photos on Instagram.

You need permission to share anywhere but I know that Instagram is where the majority of you are posting your clients' photos.

Here's what you ideally want to have in place:

  1. A proper photo release agreement signed (electronic agreement is ok) that you can take the photos and where you can post them; can you tag the client, can you include location, etc.
  2. This photo release ideally is part of the appointment scheduling process you have in place where - as clients are booking their appointments they are providing consent and also agreeing to the photo release.

"But I just ask them if I can take a picture. Isn't that ok?"

No. Distributing someone's image of a body part worldwide (let's face it all social media is worldwide distribution) is not a business decision you make without a writing to back you up.

What if you could use sending clients' pictures as part of your Red Carpet Client Care process?

How can you use those pictures not just for marketing purposes but as part of your red carpet client care?

Instead of saying "you don't have to send them anything!" or "I never send any pics to clients. They're my property for marketing purposes only."

What if as part of your red carpet client care - you sent a follow-up text or email on the same day you are posting on social media for marketing purposes and said, "Thank you for choosing me as part of your beauty team. I bet you're loving catching a glimpse of these beauties in the mirror! See you again soon."

What?!? ... I think I'd drop my jaw all the way to the basement if my hair stylist did something like that for me. No one does this and yet it is exactly this that can turn a basic "legal requirement" - of must-have photo release ... honestly totally boring into a red carpet client care moment.

I'm curious. Do you have a photo release?

How is it received by your clients when you present it to them?

How could you transform a boring (yet essential legal form) into a Red Carpet Client Care experience? 

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