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You are not a bank. Stop acting like one.

How do I decide what to charge?

Setting prices is hard for most business owners.
Sticking to them is often even harder.

I often find that stepping outside of myself and my own business makes the reality of what I need to do stick much better.

  • I went to Costco yesterday. I had to pay the full amount. I didn't get to pay half and leave with all the groceries.
  • I went to the gas station. I had to pay the full amount. I didn't get to pay a portion and leave with a full tank.
  • I went to the car dealership and leased a car. I do pay an amount each month and I take the whole car with me. But there's a very legally strong lease agreement letting me take the whole car with me.

How do I set my payment policies?

  • Do clients ask you to take partial payment?
  • Do clients tell you they need to go get money from the bank and they'll be back?
  • Do friends/family want discounts?

You are not a bank.
You are not in the lending business.
You are a lash professional.
You are providing a service.
Own that fact.

Now there are times that you might decide to offer a payment plan, or alternative arrangements. That's not inherently wrong at all. You're the business owner and you get to do that.

I've done it myself.
I have the full payment option.
I had a partial payment option.
Had is the word I have to use.

I'm a server a giver by nature.
I bet you are too.
Most of us service professionals are.
We want to do everything we can to help our clients.
We want to help them get what they want.

But we have to remember that we are not banks.
We are professionals.
My payment plan was designed to help.
But when I had over 2 dozen people download the product and then cancel the remaining 2 of 3 payments - I had an issue.

Now I could be upset and angry each time it continued to happen.
Or I could make the change.
I could own the fact that I'm the owner and need to address issues that I see.
So I removed the payment option.
Will I lose sales?
Will I lose energy surrounding being upset when someone doesn't pay.

Your prices are yours.
Costcos are theirs.
Car dealerships are theirs.
Best Buy is theirs.

Whatever you decide put it on your website and in your client agreements because that's just solid business.

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