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Part 4 Protecting You & Your Profits Listener Q&A

Before diving into the listener questions I have for you this week if you'd like to hear the foundations that I set before getting to these questions you can find the entire series here:

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Part 3 Protecting You & Your Profits After Your Lash Appointments

Can a bad review be defamation? Can I sue? 

Not likely. Defamation is a legal cause of action but it is difficult and expensive to prove and often why you'll see it in the news in very high profile situations. 

What is defamation? 

It is a written or spoken statement that is published, false, causes injury to the person, and wasn't heard (published) in a privileged situation. 

Most often in the case of a bad review - you may have trouble proving factually that the statement was false and if you can make it over that hurdle, then you have to factually prove the damages. 

I don't know if you remember or not the famous defamation case involving Oprah when she said she'd never eat another hamburger and the beef industry tried to sue her - she won. This stuff isn't easy to prove!

When you receive a bad review do this.

1. Stay calm. Do not do or say anything when the emotions are running high. 

2. Acknowledge the review. Never leave a bad review just hanging there. 

3. In the acknowledgment, provide a solution. This is the exact solution that you have already thought through and prepared when you created your client work agreement that we talked about in part 1 of this 4-part series. 

4. Take the discussion offline. You have their contact information because you are using an online scheduler as we talked about in part 1 of the 4-part series and so you can proactively reach out and diffuse the situation. 

How often do I need to get consent? 

Every single time puts you in the best situation possible. As we discussed again in part 1 of this 4-part series, having fresh consent given as part of scheduling each and every appointment is a frictionless experience for your customers and a HUGE win for you should you ever need it. 

Can I just use my phone and text all the information back and forth? 

Please don't. 

From a legal perspective, you can't possibly achieve 100% compliance with having all the forms completed, at the right time, and stored in the right place when you are sending text messages back and forth. 

And anything other than 100% opens you up to legal liabilities so it's just not worth it. Especially when the solution is so affordable and simple. Use a service like Acuity and be done!

From a business perspective - you are a professional and professionals use online schedulers. 





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