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Are your pictures on Instagram illegal?

A great question came up from yesterday's episode on What's the worst that can happen if you don't take care of legal?

One listener picked up on the getting sued for publishing a picture of a client's lashes and wanted to know how that was illegal.

Do I need my client's permission to share their photos on Instagram?

Yes, you do. Without a proper photo release from your client, you don't have their permission to post their body part on social media and no matter where you put that photo online it's worldwide.

So yes, you need a photo release signed (can totally be electronic) by anyone whose lashes you are doing to protect yourself.

But I just ask them if I can share. Isn't that ok?

No. It's not. You are running a business and imagine for just a second ...

  • What would Oprah do? Get it in writing.
  • What would Steve Jobs do? Get it in writing.
  • What would any business you look up to do? Get it in writing.

A photo release is required if you are taking pictures of clients.

How can you set this up so it's not a pain in you know what for your clients?

  1. Customize your photo release. Include what you are posting, names of the accounts you use, tags you use, the account if any of your client that they would like you to use. All of this protects you by providing them the opportunity to know your expectations for using the photos.
  2. Include it as a seamless part of your booking process. A simple link to a digital version of the form and a box that says they agree to the terms and you have covered yourself.

All it takes is probably an hour to customize and set this up.
All it takes is ONE client to sue you for wrongfully using their photos.
One client. One picture. Can put your entire business on the line.

Or ONE hour to protect it.

Is now your time?

You have so much going on in your life as a lash professional and wouldn't it be nice to have someone help you out when it comes to taking care of the legal stuff that is part of running a business?

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